What to Eat After a Workout: The Noteworthy Guide

Fitness is your life? Then pay attention too! Check your physical and mental state. # 9/10

Fitness should support health, not hinder it

This principle is often lost sight of in the fitness world. You train for days, without a break, always harder, more and more intense, the training weight is permanently increased, always with the aim of achieving rapid muscle growth, strong muscle building and greater muscle volume. But then the moment comes when your health and your fitness training no longer cooperate with each other. To prevent this moment, you should generally avoid overtraining your body and overloading your physique and psyche.

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Pain is the clearest indicator of incorrect training. If the body does not have enough time to adapt to the increasing load, it usually signals that through pain resulting from overload. This includes pain due to inflammation of the tendons, which are responsible for the force transmission of muscle contraction to the skeleton, tears and inflammations in the muscle fibers that arise from excessive stress or other blunt injuries such as slight bone fractures and cartilage damage caused by incorrect handling of the Fitness equipment or incorrectly executed exercises and training with excessively high weights in weight training.

If you recognize the first signs of an impending inflammation or injury, you should definitely stop your fitness training (at least temporarily) and look for the cause . A slight injury or inflammation can be treated well in the early stages and generally cured quickly. If the symptoms do not noticeably decrease after a few days, you should see a sports doctor.

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Inflammation in the wrist, knee pain after leg training, or back pain after the deadlift, which are triggered by “unclean” strength training with excessively high weights, can, in the worst case, drag on for several months if you do not immediately initiate adequate measures (as little stress as possible, cooling, warming or anti-inflammatory agents) and your fitness training interrupts for the time being. Don’t let it get that far, because a week or two of breaks in the training plan doesn’t set you back as much as half a year of restricted training due to chronic inflammation. In order to prevent such a scenario, you should make sure that you do not overdo it with the weights and that you do all the exercises correctly.

Don’t neglect your psyche!

Not only the physique, but also the psyche can be affected by overtraining . Indicators here are more likely to be sleep disorders, tiredness or a constantly falling level of motivation. Here, too, the training should be reduced a bit in order to get the psyche back on track. Your will, ambition and motivation are essential for successful fitness training – but you shouldn’t be too careless about it.

Make sure not only that your body has enough proteins to build muscle and that your training plan is implemented purposefully, but also that your body is not damaged. You can quickly regain your biceps build up your health, maybe not.

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