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Sixpack training – the best exercises for more abdominal muscles

This part of our six-pack guide deals with effective abdominal muscle exercises , which should not be missing in any six-pack training plan. The training consists of effective exercises for the upper and lower straight abdominal muscles as well as the obliques and transverse abdominal muscles . Even if the back muscles are not part of the six-pack, back training should not be neglected after a six-pack workout! It prevents muscular imbalance and helps ensure that you can storm into the next gym with a healthy posture even after retirement.

A defined six-pack is still the most widespread symbol of attractiveness, physical fitness and great discipline. Young women and men in particular torment themselves with tons of sit-ups every day – whether in the gym or at home. Even 2-3 days of intensive six-pack training per week are sufficient to provide sufficient muscle stimulation for building abdominal muscles. Choosing the right abdominal muscle exercises is crucial. An effective abs workout works out all of the muscle groups in your abs. That means: Train your upper, lower and oblique abdominal muscles in one day!

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With your unstoppable six-pack motivation, you should of course also think about a diet that promotes the increased oxidation of fatty acids. Ideally, you can use a fat burning diet plan to burn off excess fat stores on your stomach. So your six pack becomes visible step by step!

How do I create my own six pack training plan?

With a wide variety of intense abdominal muscle exercises, you can design your training plan individually. Just choose 1-2 exercises per abdominal muscle area and create a one-week training plan. So that your abdominal muscle training remains varied and maximum muscle stimulation can be achieved permanently, you should vary your training every 2 weeks. To do this, simply select 1-2 new exercises for each abdominal muscle area, which will replace the previous exercises.

How many repetitions for an abs workout?

15-20 repetitions are ideal for abdominal muscles. If you can do more, your execution is incorrect or the load is too low. To increase the temporary training intensity, you can perform all exercises with tension of the abdominal muscles .

Which exercises get the stomach and six pack in shape?

In the following articles we have put together a number of effective abdominal muscle exercises for all muscle groups. Just have a look.

Sixpack training: straight abdominal muscle (rectus abdominis)
• Sixpack training: oblique abdominal muscle (obliquus internus / externus abdominis)
• Sixpack training: transverse abdominal muscle (transversus abdominis)

How do I achieve maximum muscle growth in my abdominal muscles?

Your abdominal muscles are also a functional muscle system that is subject to the same growth requirements that all other motor (muscular) units of your athletic body are subject to.

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Thus you can make your abdominal muscles grow if you trigger an effective hypertrophy process through intensive training. Basically, every training that goes far beyond the basic level of daily stress triggers an adequate hypertrophy process (adjustment process) in your muscles and thus ensures an increase in volume.

The training intensity, the training volume and the choice of exercises play an important role. You can find everything you need to know in our Hypertrophy Guide for building muscle in men and women.

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