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Training entry – only those who invest properly will reap a profit.

Full-body training is an excellent way to get started with training without endangering your body through overload in the first few weeks. Physical overload not only prevents rapid progress, but is also an acute health risk.

To prevent this, beginners in particular should build solid basic muscles in the first few months on the stationary fitness equipment of the studio before they start more effective free weight training. The reason for this is, simply put, that demanding and highly effective exercises such as Squats, deadlifts or conventional bench presses are prone to beginners’ mistakes and free weight training represents an even higher health risk for beginners than incorrectly performed training on stationary fitness equipment. For a promising and safe training, a fitness trainer should explain each exercise to you in detail and control your execution. After all, that’s what a trainer is for.

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1. Solid core muscles are the prerequisite for high-intensity training.

Therefore, your initial training plan should also cover all important areas of the body. Strengthening the muscles around the spine is particularly important, as injuries in this area can quickly cause irreparable damage. Be aware of this danger – but if you follow our tips, design your training plan intelligently and do all the exercises correctly, you will minimize the risk of injury. The full body workout is designed according to these simple principles:

You start with a cardio training of your choice (e.g. treadmill, bike or stepper). Cardio training increases your core body temperature, stimulates the circulation and blood flow, which means that the muscles and the surrounding cartilage tissue are better supplied with nutrients. A 10-minute cardio training session with low to medium intensity also prevents injuries. If the gym of your choice is in your immediate vicinity or in max. 20-30 min. Can also be reached by bike, you can leave the car behind and use the short bike tour as an effective warm-up unit. So you can get the right devices right away! If you still don’t own a suitable bike, it might be time to invest in a suitable pedal bike. Many portals on the Internet allow you to specifically compare prices and provide test reports.

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2. Muscle training and workout

Here, too, you should start with a set of lower intensity so that the explicitly addressed muscle group is warmed up. If you have already gained some experience in the free weight area, you can of course also combine certain elements from both areas to build up your basic muscles. In both cases, a unit consists of 3 sets of 10-15 repetitions each. You can determine the right weight for a build-up by testing with which weight (after the warm-up phase with less weight) the 10-15 repetitions are possible.

3. Always train the “counter muscle” in parallel!

This means that, for example, after a detailed abdominal muscle workout, a unit of back muscles must be trained in order to prevent muscular imbalance. In the case of very one-sided training (e.g. if only the abdominal muscles but no back muscles are trained), the muscular balance can otherwise move in one direction and would lead to protracted pain and poor posture.

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The full-body training should now be carried out for a few months according to the specifications, so that the next phase of the training plan can be started. Of course, the exercises can be varied during the build-up phase and the training method (stationary fitness equipment or free weight training) can be changed. The prerequisite is of course the correct execution of the exercise and an appropriate load on the body.

For a full body workout, you should generally Approx. 3 training days per week should be planned, with a day’s break between training units. A duration of approx. 60 to max. 90 minutes is sufficient for a full body workout. Extending the training beyond 90 minutes is not advisable, as the human metabolism already goes into a catabolic (“degrading”) metabolic state after about 40-50 minutes of intensive training, which has a destructive effect on muscle building. In this article you can find out why your muscles also need a recovery phase between the stress phases and what catabolic metabolism is.

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