Mitos sobre la testosterona

There is a myth today that you need steroids and big weights to get into incredible shape.

This is a photo of bodybuilder Bobby Pandur. Pandour was born in 1876 and synthetic testosterone (made from cholesterol!) was invented as early as 1936, so this is one of those rare occasions when you can be sure you have 100% natural muscle in front of you.

Pandur built his muscles solely with his own weight and muscle control (isometric) technique. He was convinced that lifting excessive weights was detrimental to his health, and when he trained, he never lifted dumbbells heavier than 5 kilograms. But he was strong as an ox and, in terms of form, he could outpace modern bodybuilders sitting on steroids. That’s pretty realistic.

Despite what you might think, the medical industry is furious that steroids have become illegal, as it means they can’t bar- ry this shit anymore. They are now trying to skirt the law, though. They simply call steroids testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) and sell the idea that modern men need to take steroid drugs because we are somehow weirdly defective and have low testosterone levels. Modern men have low testosterone levels not because they are sick, but because it is a lifestyle.

TRT is a fraudulent gimmick devised to take money out of your pocket and kill your endocrine system. Why do “doctors” profit from constantly weakening your natural testosterone levels? So they can sell you this crap for the rest of your life! Don’t get your hopes up when dealing with exogenous hormones.

They are detrimental to your endocrine system from the very first moment, from the very first injection, from the very first pill you pop in your mouth. If you want to be strong and muscular in your old age, you can achieve it by following the rules I have presented to you, but if you take steroids, forget it.

The current steroid boom will lead to an even bigger pharmaceutical disaster in the future. In the next few years, all these guys trying to look horny in nightclubs will be in their 40s and 50s and will have the tetosterone levels of 80-year-old women.

Don’t join their ranks. Dedicate your life to intense training and a healthy lifestyle and you will be strong, muscular and healthy into old age, like my mentor Joe Hartigan, who could do one-handed push-ups in his 70s, like Joe Greenstein, the “Mighty Atom,” who was bending steel bars in his 80s, like Manohar Aich, who was competing in bodybuilding contests in his 90s. They were successful because they stuck to the six simple rules laid out in this chapter.

You can join the ranks of these glorious men. If you strictly follow these six rules, you will increase your testosterone levels in a matter of days. If you follow these rules consistently for months and years, you can go on to develop your endocrine system effectively, just as bodybuilders selflessly develop their muscular system. Old-school athletes had more testosterone in their old age than the modern twenty-year-old office hamster. They got it right, and so will you.

Myths about testosterone
Myths about testosterone

The modern myth of testosterone deficiency.

The argument put forward in favor of steroids: “Modern man lives in a world polluted by harmful substances and toxins, he is forced to eat processed foods and, therefore, they have lost their nutritional properties. For this reason, today’s average man lacks the substances necessary to activate the natural testosterone production process, as was the case in men of previous generations.”

Be that as it may, testosterone levels decline over time in men.

Our ancestors performed hard physical labor: they had a daily workload comparable to that of the gym. Today, many leave the work to machines and sit at desks in offices. As a result, their bodies do not produce enough testosterone.

We get less and less sleep because of our long working days. Before light bulbs were invented, men slept for 10 hours or more at night. Modern men lack the REM sleep phase during which their hormones are restored.

Being overweight, which literally converts testosterone to estrogen, was a rarity 100 years ago, and fat men were paraded in a circus. Now the problem has taken on epidemic proportions. You could say it has almost become the norm.

Whereas previous generations ate fresh, healthy foods high in cholesterol – eggs, ham, cheese, whole milk, lard – today’s generations eat convenience foods high in carbohydrates. Thus a vicious circle is set in motion.

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