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Targeted Good Habits – Make fitness a habit

I often meet people who seem to have rocks in the way of their lives. Nothing wants to succeed for them. They keep telling about their dreams, their goals and their plans. But in the same breath I hear a lot of reasons why they haven’t been able to achieve their goals yet. Often it can be attributed to the fact that you should specifically create good habits or change your bad habits in order to stay on the ball in the long term. But they just can’t do that.

Don’t be one of these people and learn how you can specifically create valuable positive habits and integrate them into your life. Put your subconscious on autopilot and let it help you get closer to your goals. Overcoming your inner weaker self is really not difficult at all once you have understood the most important principles. One of them is how your habits work and can be influenced.

Motivation is a very sensitive issue. Many think that motivation, discipline and a strong will are given things and you need a lot of them to achieve something in life. In fact, the following method will help you achieve your goals, even if you don’t consider yourself particularly disciplined.

The fact is that there is a simple trick that you can use to motivate yourself more and more easily. With this you manage to program yourself to always have enough motivation. It is a method with which you can create targeted habits. Existing habits require less and less motivation to follow them over time. This makes it much easier for you to stay on the ball and to achieve your goals faster . Just follow the steps below:

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1) Just do it

The first step is actually the easiest. It just gets heavier the longer you wait and try to prepare yourself perfectly. So don’t wait to start until you are motivated enough and have more self-motivation built up. Don’t wait until you’ve figured out the perfect plan. You want to achieve something, so take the first step now.

Often times, the reason the first step is viewed as difficult is because it is viewed as part of a long, difficult journey. Therefore, prefer to see it for what it is, simply the first step. In this way you can get started without putting yourself under too much pressure. Ultimately, that’s what matters if you get sporty , or if you want to create good habits in some other way and thereby change your life.

Let’s assume you would want to lose weight by jogging and therefore decide to start running . If you see your first morning jog for what it is, namely just go jogging in the morning, then it is really easy. It doesn’t have to be a big round either. It’s even better if you just run a short lap first. Small changes often have the greatest long-term effects. Make sure, however, that you follow the rules for healthy jogging with overweight .

2) Do it again

You ran for the first time and felt fine afterwards. It wasn’t particularly difficult to motivate you to do so. After all, everyone can go running once. I am sure you were proud of yourself for taking the first step.

So what speaks against doing the same thing again? Just do something a second time that makes you feel good afterwards and brings you a little closer to your goals. So put on your running shoes and do it all over again.

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3) Do it for 30 days

Now you’ve proven to yourself that you can do it. You can overcome your laziness and motivate yourself to go running. You no longer ask yourself ” How do I motivate myself? “, but you just do it! You have already achieved an important part. I hope you have internalized the principle behind it.

Now you just have to repeat the whole thing another 28 times. You can do that too. After all, the first time was the hardest time, wasn’t it? In retrospect, that wasn’t that difficult, was it? After the 30 days you will have already created a new, good habit.

The best thing to do is to put a tally sheet on your wall, if you want. That helped me a lot!

4) Focus on a habit

This is really important now if you want to successfully create new, positive habits: Don’t try to start several new things at the same time. Concentrate on one thing that you consistently pull through for the 30 days. Only then should you make further changes to your life.

Believe me, focus is a superpower that each of us can use for himself. You will find it much easier if you only do one thing first. You do this with full focus and therefore with success.

5) Determine how difficult it is for you not to do it anymore

Your 30 days are over and you pulled it off. Congratulations, you’ve created a new good habit!

Of course, things don’t suddenly go well by themselves. However, it will now be much easier for you to continue doing it. You will probably even feel internal resistance if you want to break your new habit. If you want to skip your training and everything in you is resisting it, this is a very good signal that you have established your training as a good habit.

Psychology has found that around 30 days is the time it takes to develop a new habit, to break an old habit or to change habits in general. Of course, you can get rid of the good habit just as quickly. But now you know what to do to prevent this from happening and to maintain habits is even easier than creating them. Just make sure that you don’t let them grind in one piece for too long.

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Create habits – try it out!

As you can see, it is actually not that difficult to create good habits. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll likely find that it’s even easier than you thought after reading it. If you build one positive habit after another in this way, you will quickly find that you don’t need as much discipline as most people claim. Actually the opposite is the case and a clear structure and a smart approach is much more important than motivation and discipline.

I have developed such a structure in the last few years in the form of a 7 step plan that has already helped hundreds of people on the way to their goals. I am sure that this system in my book Become a bastard killer can help you too.

What would you like to make a habit? Which bad habits would you like to break out of? Is there something that you always wanted to change in your life? Try it now for 30 days and share your project with us and the other readers in the comments.

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