Three steps to more motivation

How do I motivate myself? – If you are asking yourself this question now or often, then I want to show you a very effective method today, how you can effectively motivate yourself quickly. Only three steps are necessary for this, which will really boost your motivation in the short term.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to motivate yourself to exercise in the evening after work or if you want to bring yourself to train in the morning in the early morning. The methods also work if you want to motivate yourself to do anything else that will bring you closer to your goals. Sometimes everyone needs a little motivational boost. With the following tips you can get this yourself in the future.

You will also get a few tips from me here on how you can permanently and sustainably increase your motivation and your stamina . From my point of view this is almost more important and even easier, but it takes a little longer.

Please read the whole article, even if you’re just looking for a quick fix. After all, you don’t want to keep asking yourself the same question “How do I motivate myself?” . If you don’t have time for it at the moment, save this article under your favorites and check back here later.

The tips presented here are by the way a small excerpt from my book ” Become a bastard killer “, in which I will take you by the hand to help you step by step To set goals for yourself, overcome your weaker self and finally achieve them.

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What actually is motivation?

So that you know how you can motivate yourself, you should understand what is actually behind it. What is motivation and how does it work?

Motivation is the entirety of all motives that lead to willingness to act and the striving of people for goals or target objects .

So motivation is basically everything that makes you do something that should bring you (your) goals closer.

It is also interesting to know that there are mental and physical factors in motivation that can influence this willingness to act. What many do not know is that these factors also influence each other and you can use that for yourself. One book that opened my eyes in this context is “Don’t think!” By Richard Wiseman *.

Two more important notes at this point:

  1. Motivation is not equated with willpower. The more motivation you have, the less willpower you have to muster.
  2. Motivation is (often) not given, but made and can therefore be influenced in different ways.

With the following tips you should be able to use exactly that for yourself.

How do I motivate myself – three steps that you can use to motivate yourself quickly

The following method makes use of how your body, your consciousness and your subconscious interact. There are several ways to do this. For you as a reader of my blog, I have decided on a simple and, above all, quickly implementable approach with three steps.

Of course, there are often even better methods on an individual basis. However, this sequence is a very effective combination for most people. I keep getting messages and emails about how well these building blocks have worked for readers of this article and my book. So try them out at least once!

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1) One day you will die!

Well? Are you more motivated?

Such a simple sentence, with so much power. If you are aware of this in a positive way , then it can release incredible energy.

The American entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuck once said exactly that when a fan asked him to motivate him and this video really inspired me. It is so simple and at the same time so powerful because it addresses an extremely important, because inescapable, fact of our lives: it is finite. If you want to do something, don’t wait unnecessarily. Don’t waste your time, do something.

Whenever you are struggling to motivate yourself, make yourself aware of it again. Think about your goal and why you want to achieve it. If that doesn’t motivate you at all, then your goals are probably not the right ones. In this case, you should work on your goals.

To help you with this, I’ve written some articles on how to find a suitable goal and recognize your why behind it. Finally, a good formulation of goals is also a valuable component if you want to pursue your goal with maximum motivation and ultimately achieve it.

2) Motivational music

It is really impressive what psychological and physical effects the right music can have on us. For this reason, I always recommend not to do without music for training . In addition to the potentially performance-enhancing aspects, music can also have a positive effect on your motivation. It’s not for nothing that music is considered one of the best natural energy boosters . It is even forbidden in many professional competitions (among other reasons).

You can find out for yourself which music is the right one for you. I have saved some pieces of epic film music under my favorites and like to play them when I can use a little motivation boost. Time by Hans Zimmer (from the Inception Soundtrack) is currently an integral part of my morning ritual .

3) Five minutes rule

Now it’s a matter of getting started and just getting started. If you want to get fit , you have to take a first step at some point. Get your body moving and do something, at least for five minutes. No matter how little time you have and how unmotivated you are, you can definitely make the five minutes, right? The excuse no time for sport doesn’t help anymore.

When you have finished the five minutes, you can always consider whether you would like to stop earlier today for once. However, once you have set yourself in motion and do something for yourself, the chances are that it will be easy to keep the stone rolling.

If you try again and again within a short period of time, you will find that this technique works worse and worse. But it is also not intended to constantly provide you with additional motivation. The three steps can not help you optimally to give you more motivation in the long term. They help you to give you a boost in the short term and to overcome a small depression. If you want to do something for your long-term motivation, please also read the following section.

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Too little motivation – what is often behind it

If you ask yourself every now and then how you can motivate yourself to do something, that is completely normal. That is good, healthy and that is exactly why there are such techniques, the sequence just explained. However, if you regularly have the feeling that you are not motivated enough, you should consider where this is coming from. If you have to constantly ask yourself “How do I motivate myself?” then you should ask what the cause is.

Short-term motivation tricks in all honor, but if you constantly have a motivation problem and have to push yourself, then you should check your base plate / your foundation! How clear are your goal and your why ? Are you (still) on the right course? It can’t hurt to check it out every few months.

How do I motivate myself – tips for lasting motivation

If you are sure that you are pursuing the goals that are right for Dicht, that you have formulated them clearly and smartly and that you are also clear about your why, then you are building on a good foundation. This should ensure that you get a motivation problem much less often. But that alone does not guarantee you success.

In order to improve your chances even more, you can build on the habits and behaviors that will ultimately lead you to your goals. For example, you can specifically change existing habits , create new meaningful habits and set yourself intermediate goals . These things will help you achieve your long-term goals faster.

You can find 15 very specific tips on what else you can do about it in my article about Self-motivation .

How do I motivate myself? – Your conclusion

Not being super motivated for once is completely normal and okay. There are a few ways you can give yourself a short-term motivational boost. Just try out the described sequence or the individual building blocks in such a situation. I am sure it will help you!

If you still fail to motivate yourself, you shouldn’t take it too much to heart. Sometimes everyone has a day like this.

However, if such days happen more often, you should definitely deal with your goals, your long-term motivation and your habits. The more stable your base, the easier it is for you to get to your destination as quickly as possible without any major detours.

By the way, it doesn’t matter whether you build muscles , lose weight or just get fitter and sporty or whether you want to achieve completely different goals. These success patterns not only work in sports and fitness, but in almost all areas of life.

If you don’t feel like looking for your own path with a lot of effort and always starting from scratch, you should take a look at my book Become a bastard killer . In it I bring you my tried and tested system from setting goals to achieving goals in seven steps. It is not a classic guide, but a workbook full of practical tasks. Let me pick you up from where you are and help you to find and take the right next steps. Become a bastard killer has already helped hundreds of people before you on their way to their goals.You might also be interested in: