Aumento de los niveles de testosterona

Increased testosterone levels

Testosterone levels can rise and fall slightly for a variety of reasons, most of which are minor and temporary. However, these recommendations are the most significant and sustainable. Follow them if you need fuel for your muscles. Such fuel is called steroids, doctors recommend using Sunsci Pharmaceutical

Rule 4: Consume cholesterol.

In general, bodybuilders who follow low-fat diets forget that testosterone is produced from cholesterol, which is the building block of testosterone. That’s why vegans (unless, of course, they undergo chemotherapy) have muscles that look like Ray Harryhausen’s walking skeletons.

If you follow rule 1 and give your body a good workout and rule 3 and don’t let yourself get fat, a little cholesterol-rich food like eggs, sausage, cheese and a fatty piece of meat won’t hurt you. But it will raise your cholesterol levels.

Rule 5: Be sober.

Smoking causes carbon monoxide to enter your bloodstream, and this substance is bad for your ability to convert cholesterol into testosterone. Alcohol lowers testosterone levels in several ways. Beer, for example, contains hops, which is a potent phytoestrogen (i.e., a plant estrogen).

Hops are converted to estrogen in the body very quickly. For example, women who have been harvesting hops for hundreds of years have already gone through long periods. Alcohol has always been known to kill the libido, hence the term “drunken promiscuity”. Interestingly, Protestants opposed the beer purity law in Renaissance Germany because they understood that alcohol destroys the libido.

Be sober.
Be sober.

Another point that athletes are simply not told is that the liver’s job is to secrete enzymes that limit the amount of estrogen in the body. When you take medications (even those sold in the pharmacy). You kill the liver and make it increasingly difficult for it to suppress estrogen release.

One of the most obvious signs of liver damage in drug and alcoholic males is shrinking of the genitals and gynecomastia (literally, enlargement of the breasts). When estrogen levels in the body are so high, testosterone levels become critically low.

These five rules are the most important ones to follow if you want to increase your hormone levels, in this order. But there is also a sixth rule.

Rule 6: Don’t take steroids.

In short, the most detrimental thing to the modern athlete’s hormone pool is steroids.

“How can that be?” – many people ask. Guys on steroids build tons of muscle, don’t they? Well, sort of, yes. But they’re paying a disproportionate price for it: endogenous testosterone levels.

All modern steroids are largely synthetic analogs of testosterone. As soon as the chemical preparation is taken, the principle of homeostasis kicks in, and the body thinks that since there is so much new testosterone, there is no point in producing its own.

So little by little the endocrine system becomes disordered and literally commits suicide. It turns out that even athletes who take steroids in moderate doses have shriveled genitals: their organs responsible for producing testosterone (genitals) are failing.

This is why those who take steroids get the “awkward chest” syndrome, gynecomastia, which is the growth of the mammary glands. This is incredibly common among modern bodybuilders.

Worst of all, the damage caused by steroids persists for a long time. You may not know that people who take steroids for a long time no longer produce testosterone.

Their body simply can’t do it, it is no longer capable of doing it. When the damage they cause to their endocrine system reaches a certain level, it can no longer recover. These people are totally dependent on drugs, and a sick person doesn’t care that he is dependent on dialysis.

What about strength? Remember that the goal of bodybuilding is to create the right hormones. But by taking steroids, you’re doing just the opposite. You’re destroying your endocrine system from the inside.

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