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Time for innovation. Find new challenges.

Fitness training can get boring.

Maybe not for you, but for your body.

Your muscle building is quickly stopped by a repetitive, monotonous stimulation. Through innovative and varied training units with new exercises, you can counteract this and continue to promote muscle stimulation. You have now reached a point where your fitness and muscles are not only scary, but also allow alternative training methods.

Формирование новой концепции тренировок в небольших группах - Precor

Bodyweight exercises (BWE, English for “bodyweight exercise”) are very demanding and effective. This type of training is not suitable for (excessive) increasing the maximum strength that the neuromuscular system has to exert against the dumbbell weights, for example during “Mk training” (maximum strength training). Rather, it is about improving body balance and body control, muscle endurance and definition, introducing the term “human flag” to women and men in the nearest beach club, or simply showing the children in the neighborhood what the climbing equipment is for on the playground is really thought. Training with your own body weight can of course still be combined with a training plan for conventional strength training. Maybe you are the next Youtube star.

Anyone who trains biceps and latissimus three times a week in the gym is far from being a strength athlete. Anyone who knows and observes professional strength athletes knows that they generally do not attach great importance to definition, muscle size and body fat percentage.
In weight training competitions (e.g. at the Olympic level), what counts is usually just the pure muscle performance and the technique with which the various disciplines are performed. If the cleanliness of performing your weight training exercises outweighs that in your apartment and it makes you happy when you can push weights on the barbell for 15 minutes before each exercise, then weight training could be exactly your thing!

Функциональные и 3D- тренировки | Биомеханика

Bodybuilding and fitness are pretty much separate. First and foremost, more is accepted in bodybuilding, which could have a negative impact on health. This does not mean that bodybuilding is generally not good for your health, just that a career as a bodybuilder requires many compromises, which are often at the expense of health. As a bodybuilder, you will only survive if sticking to your training and nutrition plans has not been a problem for you until now. Prepare for tough times, without alcohol, currywurst and cola don’t have much to say in bodybuilding.

Персональные тренировки - FIZ-RA.BY

Natural bodybuilding is a great way to achieve your goal in the world of bodybuilding without taking too much health out of it. Be intelligent and avoid doping in bodybuilding. “Of course” you might find your future in bodybuilding.

Do you look good? Are you well trained, reliable and disciplined? Then start a career as a fitness model!
Profiteerfitness.com will take care of your dream career as a fitness model this year! For more information, feel free to contact us in advance.

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