Think of the masses of giants who have fallen into oblivion simply because they didn’t have good abs. They could train their arms, legs, and everything else to a pulp, but when placed side-by-side with a professional with perfectly honed, proportioned, protruding, and polished forms, their accomplishments only elicited yawns.

If they had understood then that the abs are the most noticeable part of the physique, and as such require the most attention, being a large muscle group, and if they had had the strength to train it intensively, their physique would have been complete, and they would have been rightly called giants. Therefore, their physique is incomplete.

Do not repeat this mistake. If you have poorly developed abdominal muscles, I have an intensive program for you that will help you perfect them in exactly 6 weeks. However, please note that this program is not for beginners. Despite the intensity and effectiveness of this program, you will not be able to achieve significant results if you have just started bodybuilding and have not spent many months on it. Basically, this program will work if you have been bodybuilding for at least one year.

A representative muscle group should already be formed and free of excess fat so that it is already visible and ready for new achievements. On the other hand, time is of the essence, so get into action.

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This program is divided into 3 phases of 2 weeks each. All six weeks use the same exercises in the same order, but each subsequent phase adds load and number of additional sets.

Tips for the program

  • Let each repetition be the most important thing you are going to do, as if this particular repetition will fulfill all your dreams in one fell swoop. Think of yourself: every repetition is unique.
  • Constantly test yourself by adding more and more sets and loads. Don’t linger on each stage for more than two weeks; move on to the next one as soon as you feel ready.


Inclines and deadlifts on an incline.

Performed on an incline bench. Keep your upper body in an upright position. Place your hands behind your head, but make sure your head is not tilted forward. Spread your elbows out to the sides. Lift your body as if your chin were pointing straight up toward the ceiling. Do not bend your neck or push your shoulders forward.

To keep your abdominal muscles in constant tension, don’t stay in a sitting position for too long. Likewise, do not lie completely with your back to the bench so that your body does not rest. The movements should be smooth and even. Do not jerk or make sudden movements.

Straight Leg Raises

Note that this refers to straight leg raises, not hip raises. Fix your hips and lift your legs only. Do not push your hips forward. Lift your legs to a horizontal position and do not lower them all the way down. Keep tension in your lower abdomen. Do not sway, make any sudden movements or arch your back.

Knee Lift

Sit on the edge of a horizontal bench and wrap your arms around yourself. Hold your head, arms, shoulders, and torso so that only your lower back flexes. Then pull your knees up to your chest, bending your body toward your knees, achieving a butterfly effect. Don’t let your shoulders hunched or your back arch. Maintain a constant tension. As you straighten your knees, do not tilt your upper body backward until the tension in your abdominal muscles is released.

If you follow this program one repetition at a time, week after week, you’ll turn your midsection into the slender body you’ve always dreamed of.


When I do a repetition, I think about being on stage, standing in front of an audience of thousands, and my abdominal muscles are like a monolith and attracting everyone’s attention. My abs are the first thing the audience notices, they stare and exhale: “Wow! Then they see the rest of my body and how it is in harmony with my abs.

This is the effect I anticipate with each new repetition. I try to visualize it as clearly as possible so that everything is reflected in my physique. With each repetition I repeat to myself: “Perfect abs, perfect abs…”. I believe that if you tune in this way while doing the reps, you will definitely get results!

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