How long does it take to love running?

How long does it take to love running?

Let’s say you decide to start running. Believe me, your first thought on a run will be, “So, do people like it?” Because it doesn’t even smell like fun the first few times.

On your first runs, you’ll feel shortness of breath, fatigue, aches in unexpected places, and a wide range of emotions dominated by shame. But you’ve probably guessed by now that that’s not why you love running. So it takes time for feelings to change.

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How often and for how long does it take to love running?

It’s not twice a week, but it’s not every day either. You’ll have to find your ideal amount of training and work hard for at least three months.

To begin with, daily workouts are a direct path to physical exhaustion. And a person doesn’t need that much, especially a beginner. We all have our own work schedules, families, and other responsibilities. Running should not restrict us in other activities.

To get used to it and to keep yourself in shape, it would be ideal to run three times a week. If you practice less than three workouts a week, your body will constantly “start from scratch.” Conversely, with regular workouts, your body will get used to it in as little as a month. You will finally feel comfortable while running and begin to enjoy it.

Starting in the second month, you can go for four runs a week. Don’t rush to build up this amount, otherwise your body will soon start to protest and you will lose interest in running.

How long does it take to love running?
How long does it take to love running?

It’s better to focus on building your overall endurance in running. Run at a low heart rate and try to continually increase your running time smoothly. For the first few months, this is the most important thing. Then it will be helpful to incorporate intervals once a week, then things start to get more fun right away.

With four running workouts a week, you’ll see an improvement in fitness (increased endurance, weight loss, and a slight euphoria) in as little as 2 months. And if you run regularly for three months, you will gradually begin to love running.

Remember that the main key to success is consistency, persistence and a competent training plan. There will definitely be days when you do not want to run, and you will have various excuses. On such days you need to agree with yourself – let it be an easy and short workout, the main thing is that you will not miss it.

If you make it through the first few weeks, running will no longer be as difficult as it was the first time. And after two or three months, there’s a good chance that running will become your new hobby and a regular part of your life for a long time.

So it will take you an average of three months to develop the body’s habit of running, assuming you run three times a week. Remember: if you run less often, it will be hard all the time. From the second month onwards, don’t forget to include intervals once a week. The first month will not be easy for you, but you have to be patient. I wish you success in running, and I hope it becomes a part of your life for years to come!

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