Procesos que ocurren en el cuerpo del atleta

Processes occurring in the athlete’s body


An athlete who has stopped training long ago gradually loses muscle mass as a direct result of catabolism. The body needs biologically important elements as fuel and building material, every cell in the body is alive and needs to be recharged in time. If the body does not receive enough food for the functioning of the organs and the brain, nutrients are first taken from the muscle through catabolism (breakdown).

To understand the course of catabolism, one must understand what life means in a sense. Life is the metabolism of nutrients within the cell; there is no life outside the cell. The multitude of cells that compose us are millions of living organisms that together form us.


When injuries occur, the body tries to replenish them by consuming the proteins that accompany the food. The damage will be repaired and the integrity of the body will not be threatened. When nutrients are scarce, the body will try to obtain them by gently breaking down structures, for example, by breaking down the almost unusable parts of the muscular skeleton. Muscle fibers are broken down into amino acids, which are sent to where they are most needed.

Processes occurring in the athlete's body
Processes occurring in the athlete’s body

At such times of nutrient shortages, the loss of muscle mass in the passive stage will necessarily be observed, but it can be slowed down specifically by eating protein products. That is, a person who eats a lot will lose less weight during passivity. But catabolism will be involved in any case, it is a regularity, since muscle mass is the first to disappear right after fat mass.


The reverse of catabolism, which starts as soon as catabolism stops. Anabolism and catabolism are an inseparable pair. There is no transition state between them, one of them works all the time. Nutrients from catabolism are used in anabolism. This is how simple substances are converted into more complex ones.

How to force anabolism over catabolism:

A sound sleep of at least 7 hours per night is necessary.
A fixed rhythm of life corrects the quality of sleep and the results of sleep. Catabolism is almost ineffective when you sleep, but if you don’t get enough sleep, your body is overloaded and catabolism is always used as a method to combat it.
Regular training is an essential part of growth. To increase overall muscle mass, it is necessary to use a small number of repetitions and significant weights in this stressful regimen.
Hormonal background support. If the testosterone level is high, the anabolic process is longer and more effective.
Immunity control. The weaker the immune system, the more nutrients the body needs to resist infection. A body burdened by an unsuccessful fight against disease does not build muscle.
There is no growth without a deep diet of quality protein foods and carbohydrates (not enhancers).

After a course of anabolics, you will need post-course therapy. Cabergoline is considered one of the best drugs for post-course therapy.

Anabolism is not only the growth of muscle but also fat mass, when building muscle mass the body inevitably stores fat, it is the law.

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